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By choosing At Ease Transportation, you help fund scholarships for transitioning service members. These scholarships raise awareness about documenting medical conditions to ensure proper disability ratings, compensation and accesshealth care benefits.

Future Veterans Initiative

The Future Veterans Initiative is a ground-breaking initiative that will help future veterans (aka transitioning servicemembers) understand the impact of not being seen for all medical conditions before terminating military service.

Our aim is to set them up for success by educating them on how the importance of medical record documentation and its impact during the Medical Evaluation Board(MEB) or the Before Disability Discharge processes.

With this unique and innovative health initiative, future veterans will no longer have to go through either of these processes without confidence.

The Amazing Initiative Transforming the Lives of Future Veterans!

Why are so many veterans experiencing an uphill battle proving that their injuries occurred on Active Duty? What stopped them from creating the connection while they were on Active Duty?

This is my Why. This is the purpose of FVI.

We help servicemembers understand the importance of seeking care, so that they can properly advocate for medical & other benefits before they transition to a veteran.